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  • Echoes

    By Tyler Haney

    Tyler Haney combines realism and expressionism in his airbrush paintings and collages. His use of closely cropped images explores our ability to recognize emotion when provided with limited details. Mr. Haney earned his Bachelor in Fine Arts from the New York School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 2004. Today he is enrolled at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at The University of New Orleans (UNO), where he continues the study of painting and mixed media art.

    Our eyes and brains work in tandem to make sense of the chaos of visual stimuli we are presented with every second of our waking lives. This process is subconscious and automatic. However, as powerful as our senses are, we all encounter instances where our first impression, or interpretation, of what we are seeing is found to be false or incomplete. Who has not experienced recognizing a dear friend in a crowd, only to find that your mind has misled you and that it is only a stranger that resembles your friend?

    I am fascinated with the way the human brain processes, interprets, and reevaluates external stimuli, especially the mechanics of our visual perception. I leverage cognitive psychology and physiology principles in the composition and subject matter of my airbrush paintings and collages.


    My aim is to present viewers with an echo of reality that triggers the imagination, creating a space that allows them to bring their own life experiences to bear as they ‘read’ the image.

    At first glance, the viewer experiences the illusion of realistically rendered subject matter that is immediately recognizable. This is due to the tendency of our visual perception to immediately categorize and make input familiar to the viewer. Thanks to the dynamic processing capabilities of our perception, continued study reveals that the entire piece is composed of a myriad of abstracted marks and exaggerated textures that are expressionistic in nature. While these marks come together to create the impression of a representational artwork, they exist to remind the observant viewer that they looking at nothing more than a medium applied to a two dimensional surface – not an eye, not a mouth, not even a realistic rendering of an object.


    The style of my work combines with compositional choices that are designed to provide the brain with a blank space for the imagination to fill in. We see complete forms when limited details of a familiar item are provided. Our brain completes the form based on our experience. My work capitalizes on this by providing close up images of the human form without the regular cues such as body language or environmental information.


    While body language may be absent from the composition, emotion takes center stage. I often work from photographs and video stills that capture a true emotion. When taking these images, I experiment with how much contextual information I can remove while still conveying the emotion. These photographs are then used as the references for my paintings where the captured emotion is further accentuated. Color, contrast, and the type of energy conveyed through the abstracted marks are leveraged to heighten the intended effect.


    -Tyler Haney


    January 18 - April 1, 2016


    Movement, flow, and passion, these are the threads that tie solo exhibitions OVRFLO by Aaron Hogan and The Poofs by John Michael Byrd together. Both capture ethereal movement and the spontaneity of water Byrd as media, Hogan as environment.


    John Michael Byrd, Franklin, Louisiana native, Studio Art graduate of LSU and MFA from University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Byrd is primarily a painter, but has experimented in sculpture, printmaking, video and performance work. Byrds masterful use of line blurs the recognizable and abstract, pushing the viewer to actively interpret the subject matter. Byrd has shown works internationally, been published, and continues to seek new opportunities to share his creations with the world.

    This passion project OVRFLO by, photographer and Baton Rouge, Louisiana native, Aaron Hogan is an exhibition Hogan has been wanting to produce for years. Given the careful selection of models, location and opportunity it has finally become a reality. Spectacular camera angles, lighting and composition matched with exceptional print quality are the overlapping principles of Hogan’s private and public work. Hogan’s company, Eye Wander Photography has become the benchmark of professional photography through the community and world at large. Hogan develops a global perspective from international destination commission that inform and enrich his quality of work.


    Joint exhibitions OVRFLO and The Poofs will be on display at The Healthcare Gallery, 3488 Brentwood Drive, Suite 103, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809, January 18, 2016 - April 1, 2016. Reception for this exhibition will be January 30, 2016, 6-9pm, the event is free and open to the public. All are welcome to the exhibition.





    This exhibition features nude models, parental discretion is advised.



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  • This Mortis

    October 16 - November 20, 2015

    "A Photographic Exploration of Death and Mourning" with Jesse Guillory

    This exhibition is a quiet contemplative walk through visual poetry. The photographic subject of death and mourning has its roots planted firmly in early history of the medium. Many historic photographers wanted to capture a lasting keepsake of dead loved ones or use photography to envelop those raw emotions and channel them into something tangible, able to be processed. This exhibition is a contemporary look at this practice. How do we mourn in the 21st century? Has the development of the technology and accessibility of photography altered our interaction with the craft? Photographer and guest co-curator, Jesse Guillory, has produced a profound and introspective exhibition developing this theme.



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  • SMASH! : Baton Rouges International Pop Art Fusion

    July 25 - October 7, 2015

    A survey of contemporary pop artists.



    Smash! : Baton Rouge's International Pop Fusion, is a survey of contemporary Pop artists that puts the spotlight on Pop art by local creators. Some say that Pop art is decorative, void of both content and depth. The reality is that Baton Rouge contemporary pop is more of an authentic response to the increasing supersaturating of sensory-overloading media in everyday life with the ability to feature popular culture’s issues and tackle them in a straightforward way, creating a greater discussion. Its imagery is visually appealing while still being provocative. This show is hung salon style (with emphasis on the flow of the room and how the works relate to each other by subject and color), giving the viewer a rich understanding of the popular culture our artists are synthesizing. The Healthcare Gallery plans to have an international scope for a future Pop Fusion exhibition.

    The reception will be celebrated with a Soiree held August 29, 2015. Guests will enjoy hors d'oeuvres, an open wine bar and live entertainment. This year's exhibition is open to the public July 25th, running through October 7.




    "I chase the moments where the absurd leads to enlightened thought," says Miami, Florida native Lily Betancourt. Betancourt filters her view of popular culture and distills her dreamlike environment through a surrealist lens. After studying at Florida International University, Betancourt moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she has shown in local exhibitions and volunteers with local arts and cultural organizations. Betancourt's fanciful illustrations portray an otherworldly take on a place manufactured by dreams and ascended thought. The deeply narrative portrayals cause the viewer to introspectively give meaning and relation to Betancourt's imagery.



    Clean, bright, bold colors, flat, sharp edges and integration of pop culture imagery, cartoons, comics, icons, and sometimes actual consumer products such as candy wrappers and packaging are indicative of the distinct works of Blaine Breaux. The New Orleans, Louisiana artist and illustrator received his BA in Fine Arts/Studio from the University of New Orleans and has been exhibiting work in shows and illustrations ever since. Breaux's works are simple but a visually striking approach to exploring the power of pop culture and mass media. Commenting on the imprint of pop culture in his own life, King says, "I have a hard time remembering what I ate yesterday, but will never forget the day I received my first pair of Air Jordan’s. I’ve always been drawn to pop culture."



    Sarah G.’s haunting figural works uniquely develop pen and marker lines on transparent film, unexpectedly achieving great depth while developing a lush, saturated work of art. This Baton Rouge local displays work throughout the region. G. is a strong supporter of developing the local arts as a regular featured artist. She has participated in several community centered exhibitions and works at the LSU Museum of Art.



    Damian Georgiev, Illustrator and graphic designer, has developed designs for many commercial products spanning band posters, skateboards, album covers, t-shirts, and more. Georgiev pens bold lines, pared-down color schemes, and understated compositions. This gives his works striking focus, presence, and movement.



    Ashley "Eyerratic" Hall is a Bossier City, Louisiana native and visual artist. She uses her talents within classrooms and other realms, such as fashion shows, photo shoots, and weddings. Hall uses a particular style of line and bold colors to draw audiences into her world. She is in creative matrimony with paint, markers, and makeup; 'til death do them part. Eyerratic artwork is a visual wonderland best described as outside your normal perspective.



    A once-discarded book of antique photographs has served as a ceaseless well of inspiration for New Orleans based contemporary pop artist Brent Houzenga. Houzenga reinterprets these faces, reinvisioning the image and imbuing life into these once loved photographs. Houzenga’s spray and stencil artwork is vibrant and full of dynamism. His star shines both on and off the printed page: a movie based on his life and work, Brent Houzenga: Hybrid Pioneer. Hugely prolific artist, Brent Houzenga has been shown all over the U.S. and has been featured in many exhibitions, periodicals, and through commissions.



    Amanda James, Portland, Oregon native, draftsman, and printmaker creates a world of a modern Sasquatch living and interacting as the cool kids do. James graduated and received her MFA from LSU and has exhibited throughout the country. She has been featured in several print and digital periodicals.



    "I am interested in art theory, as well as contemporary popular culture and my work sometimes draws from both." says Natchitoches, Louisiana artist Chris King. Massachusetts born King graduated from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth with a BFA in Sculpture and Art Education and Masters Degree from The California Institute for the Arts in Los Angeles. King uses unexpected manipulation of familiar text images and materials through the filter of humor to draw in his viewer to embrace topics of pop culture in broad terms such as femininity and masculinity, materiality, and dispelling the illusion of high and low culture. King has exhibited nationwide, executes many noteworthy commissions, and completed illustrious residency programs. Chris King is currently the head of the Visual Arts Program and Gallery Director at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts and is a Founding Fellow for Louisiana A+ Schools.



    Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Nathaniel A. Landry is a master of sequential art. This educator lends his creative characters on and off the printed and digital page. His works can be found on apparel throughout the region.



    Pat Phillips was born in Lakenheath, England. When relocating to Louisiana, Phillips spent his early teenage years painting and photographing train boxcars. Traversing culture and subculture, Phillips maintains a strong balance between his street and studio work. He uses this highly visible medium to stimulate deeper conversation through his personal experiences. Phillips' work has graced many magazines, galleries, and has granted him a fellowship at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. Accomplishing the goals of exploring personal experiences, engage viewers through literal subjects and satirical themes, and displaying those ideas through historic/social interoperation has been the key to the successful arc of Phillips' work.



    Fine artist and musician Gabriel Saint, a Baton Rouge native, studied multimedia art at The Art Institute of Seattle. Saint works hard to develop his craft, continually being true to his inspiration and developing themes that range from portraits with strong evidence of the artists’ stroke to popular culture to gestural figure studies. Creating opportunities to show works locally, Saint has developed inclusive Arts Market events and displays through traditional venues.



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  • Distorted Realities

    June 7 - July 17, 2015

    “Distorted Realities” is an exhibition of jovial caricature, digital manipulation, and illustration by Baton Rouge native Rodney Pike. Since he believes that cameras "may not be able to fully capture a person’s personality," Pike’s goal is to capture and display the character essence of his subject, to enhance traits that show their true nature without prejudice or political agenda. The goal of the artwork is to celebrate the fun in each individual and create a joyous experience when engaging with the work.

    From childhood Pike loved art. Looking up to his older brother’s artistic ability he made it a goal to improve his rendering skills. Through the art of Norman Rockwell, Pike discovered the strength of still images to carry a narrative. In recent years through artists such as Sebastian Kruger, Max Sauco and Jason Seiler, he learned that a caricature can be more than just photo-manipulation but can illustrate a narrative theme. Feeling like Photoshop manipulation had been the medium he had been searching for his entire life, Pike set out to create hundreds of photos and illustrations and devotes up to 14 hours a day every day of the week creating images. He is a member of both the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the International Society of Caricature Artists. His clients include companies such as FreakingNews.com, FHM Magazine, Tennis Magazine, The Village Voice Magazine, Corbis, The Sun, Cater's News Agency, The Huffington Post, Bauer Media, Bauer Excel Media, Mashable, EMagazine, Global News, Metro World News, Miller Publishing Group, New Coast Productions and Catchphrase Entertainment.

  • Painting Bodies

    January 24 - May 8, 2015



    A once-discarded book of antique photographs has served as a ceaseless well of inspiration for New Orleans based contemporary pop artist Brent Houzenga. He reinterprets these faces, reinvisioning the image and imbuing life into these once loved photographs. Houzenga’s spray and stencil artwork is vibrant and full of dynamism. His star shines both on and off the printed page: a movie based on his life and work, Brent Houzenga: Hybrid Pioneer, will be shown during the run of this exhibition.

    Critically acclaimed professional body painter Angela Roberts is known for her intricate detail and strong imagery, which will be on display at The Healthcare Gallery during the months of January through May. Roberts has reached critical acclaim in the world of body painting, winning at the RAW New Orleans Regional’s Natural Born Artist Competition. Roberts is also the U.S National winner as Makeup Artist of the Year in 2014. The artist’s largest audience was reached as a contestant in the Game show Network's inaugural season of the body art painting television show “Skin Wars”. The exhibition will feature stunning photographs of Roberts’ creations in large format.

  • Prospect.3+Baton Rouge Notes Upriver Invitational exhibition at The Healthcare Gallery 2.0

    November 11, 2014 - January 25, 2015


    The internationally acclaimed art program Prospect.New Orleans has opened its doors and extended an invitation to regional locations for the first time in its history. Prospect.3+Baton Rouge Notes Upriver, has teamed with The Healthcare Gallery and the LSU School for Art+Design to create a unique exhibition of LSU School of Art Graduate Students. This show features the best and brightest in the LSU school of art, showcasing a variety of medium and creative ideas.
    Prospect.3+Baton Rouge Notes Upriver Invitational exhibition at The Healthcare Gallery 2.0
    Co-Curators Rodneyna Hart & Raina Wirta


    Aaron Hussey, Abigail Smithson, Adam Meistrell, Alair Wells, Alexis Delafose, Alice Case, Amy Guidry, Andree Carter, Andrew Moran, Ann 'Sole Sister' Johnson, April Hammock, Ben Diller, Benjamin Ingalls, Brian Deppe, Brian Kelly, Bridget Beck, Bryant Albert, Carl Jacobson, Cat Murphy, Chad Townsend, Charles Barbier, Chelsea Ramirez, Christopher Scott Brumfield, Courtney Cullen, Curio Collective, Cynthia Giachetti, Danielle Burns, Davana Wilkins, David Williams, Delita Martin, Devon Lamond, Dustin Noel, Emerald Byrd, Emily LaCour, Eric Euler, Haley Hatfield, Hira Tariq, Ian C. Minich, Isoko Onodera, James Kimura-Green, Jamie Kutner, Jenni Lombardi, Jennifer Carwile, Jenny Authement, Jessica Sharpe, Jessie Hornbrook, John Harlan Norris, John Michael Byrd, Jonathan Mayers, Jono Wright, Juan Baldera, Kelli Scott Kelly, Kelly Tate, Kimberly Jones, Kristine Thompson,Marco Munguia, Mark Vargo, Mary Ann Caffery, Mary Claire Delony, Mason Guillory, Matt Morris, Meichi Lee, Melodie Reay, Michael w. Howes, Michael Williams, MJ Bronz, Nathan Logsdon, Nathan Pietrykowski, Paul Dean, Rabéa Ballin, Randell Henry, Randi Willett, Rhett Gerard Poche, Richard Barlow, Roberta Massuch, Rosine Kouamen, Rusty Durio, Ryan Groendyk, Sarah Ferguson, Scott Andresen, Sonic Art Collective, Treasure Tolliver, Veronica Hallock, Vickie Suplee, William Walker Conlin

    The 15,000 square foot office space converted gallery reimagines where art can engage and inspire. The Prospect.3+Baton Rouge Invitational exhibition features over 100 contemporary artists around the United States. It is a survey of creativity in an array of dimensions and concepts. Each artist tells a story, shares a journey, an interpretation of an experience, expressed through various media. Thematically, the works in the exhibition explore ideas ranging from war and violence to abstract forms, and innovative emerging technologies to traditional materials.

  • Resilience: The Healing Power of Art

    November 11, 2014 - January 16, 2015

    New Works by LSU School of Art Graduate Students
    Guest Curator Malia Krolak
    Reception: Friday, December 5, 2014, 6-8 pm

    Chelsea Ramirez, Ian Minich, Mike Stumbras, Bri Ozanne, Adam Meistrell, Jono Wright, Bridget Freeman, Brittany Sievers, Taryn Moller Nicoll, Leah Hamel, Naomi Clement, Abigail Smithson, Brian Deppe, Kelsey Livingston, M. Robyn Wall, Andrea Berg, Cassidy Creek, Morgan Anderson, Elizabeth Welch, Melodie Reay



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  •  artHASAHOME

    September 12, 2014

    Pop up art festival

  • Intents and Purposes | Selected Works

    July 7 - October 4, 2014

    Marc Fresh "Intents and Purposes"

    "Selected Works" Kelly C. Tate

    Marc Fresh is a local spray artist and devoted father. His works are heavily inspired by his angel, his daughter Asher. This series of angels and magnolias are works that he has longed to do but due to a heavy commission schedule, had been unable to develop. Viewing this exhibition as his chance to delve into his heart's desire, Fresh was finally able to execute these paintings. He has not forgotten his playful side with the Mickey Mouse assemblage cut-out, though of course still tempered by the weight of a boxer portrait.

    Many photographers will, in an attempt to capture a moment, orchestrate photo-shoots with costumed models and sets. Kelly C. Tate prefers to possess the moment. She creates the scene digitally or in miniature. Through makeup and wardrobe, Tate is each character. The result is a perfectly lit, fully developed moment, lively and storied.

  • belin

    May 1 - June 30, 2014

    Title Text

    This exhibition features one of Spain’s most beloved and prolific graffiti artists has been made possible through the Museum of Public Art located in Old South Baton Rouge. This exhibition features an array of innovative aerosol, acrylic, and mixed-media large-scale portraiture.

    Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes (Belin) began his art career as a graffiti artist tagging his city of Linares, Spain as a youth. Belin loved the street art he saw regularly; he viewed it as beauty made available for the public. This inspired him to create that of his own. Today, Belin exhibits throughout the world. With masterful dexterity, Belin traverses medium and technique from painting and sculpture to clothing. One constant is his superhero theme. In the words of Belin, “We all have the capacity for greatness...somewhere inside all of us lies a real superhero.”



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  • Art Submission Guidelines


    We typically rotate art every quarter and we seek to exhibit emerging to mid-career artists whose works are thoughtful, well-crafted and have a vision that is in line with the gallery. In addition to seeking and exhibiting artwork by local, national and international artists, whenever possible we will host a quarterly “Exhibition Reception” where artists can discuss their processes, influences, and projects in an informal setting. If you would like to submit artwork or have an exhibition idea, feel free to email us at admin@thehealthcaregallery.com. We suggest that your work be framed, wired and ready to hang. Since large format works stand out best in our space, preference will be given to artists with a large body of work. Send us a short bio of yourself within the body of the email and Jpeg images of each piece you would like to be physically or digitally displayed. If you could include the title of the piece, dimensions, medium and sale price, that would be helpful as well.



    -Rodneyna Hart